January 16, 2013

Grocery Shopping Gone Awry

Grocery shopping. Blech. Why does it seem that I am the only one that can do the grocery shopping? Oh wait! It's because I actually get everything on the list, compare prices and quantities to get the best value and stick to a list. That's why.

My husband and I used to have an AWESOME agreement that we would go to the grocery store together. See, my husband will leave the store with only half of what's on our list. This is very annoying when he goes alone. I get EVERYTHING on the list [and then some] ------ which is why I need him there with me. He keeps me in check: he stops me from buying a lot of junk and from overbuying. In return, I keep him from walking out without laundry detergent and from spending $50 on nuts. :-|

Since we stopped going to the store together, I spend a LOT more at the store. And that stinks!

So, how am I trying to cut costs? Well, for one, I made a meal plan. That was so tedious and frustrating because I couldn't think of ANYTHING that I wanted to make this week. So, I went to my trusty resources, PinterestCrockin' Girls, and Allrecipes, to map out the next two weeks and found some really awesome meals that I can't wait to make! The downside: it seems I completed this task SO well, that I probably overbought. I NEVER buy 2 whole chickens, 6 lbs of turkey, and two 4 lb bags of frozen chicken breasts. But I did yesterday. Why? I needed it all for my meals. [Did I really? Idk. I will let you know what I have left over at the end of the grocery shopping cycle.]

Additionally, I looked at The Krazy Coupon Lady to see what sort of deals I could get at CVS and Target. I was really happy with the deals I scored at both stores. The ONLY thing that stinks about getting back into couponing is, until I get a little stash built up, I spend more than I normally do at the store. Boo! Why, you may ask? Well, I need all the stuff I normally get, plus I stock up on items when I find a good deal. For instance, I don't NEED three twin-packs of Glade Air Freshener refills right this second, but I got a GREAT deal, and I'll use them later. YAY, sort of.

Mint.com sent me an email this morning that said, "unusual spending on groceries". No kidding!

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