November 30, 2013

For the record...

So, we're pregnant with our fourth baby and we couldn't be more thrilled! Right now, we have three beautiful boys that we love dearly and have a ton of fun with. Everyone keeps saying, "Oh, we'll pray for that girl for you!" but I would like people to understand that we did not get pregnant in hopes of having any particular gender.

Yes, it would be super awesome to have a baby girl! I've always dreamed of putting her in tutus, bows, lace, glitter, and the most adorable clothes. I've fantasized about watching her dance in recitals, in Spring Shows, be in small-town beauty pageants, watch her perform at high school football games, watch her fall in love, have inside jokes with her girlfriends, graduate from college, be the most beautiful bride that ever walked an aisle, and be there for her as she delivers my grandkids. A bond between a mom and a daughter is incredibly special. I've always longed for that.

BUT... for the record, I am TOTALLY A-OKAY with my fourth boy. I don't have a single problem with it. I was MADE for boys. They love me unconditionally, they are more fun than I could even begin to describe, and they are super gross! I love being silly and gross with them.

Let's face it, I don't want my daughter laughing hysterically at her own fart. That's what boys do! And I love that about them.

I don't have to do their hair, they're not picky about their clothes or shoes, they don't steal my clothes or my hairbrush, or my chapstick (one day lipgloss and mascara).

Anywho - whatever God decides to bless us with is exactly what we want. He knows what we need. Maybe he knows this Mama likes being the center of attention and should be the Queen of the household. Maybe he thinks I need a taste of my own medicine and will make me share the spotlight. I guess we'll see!

We'll find out in January and we're so excited! Whatever gender it is, is what it is supposed to be!

Stay tuned....

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