February 17, 2011

Things I learned in my first week of extreme couponing

Ok, so, this whole couponing thing takes a lot of practice. Here are some things i learned this week that I hope to implement next time to do even better. This week I saved $100!! Hey, I'll take it!

1.) Sign-up for the The Grocery Game. They offer a 4 week free trial. Only subscribe to the stores you're actually going to go to. I signed up for Walmart as well, but you don't need to do that. Go to Coupon Divas and look at their coupon match-ups. This site is FREE!!!! What could be better??

Walmart will match the prices - keep that in mind. I used Walmart for all the extra stuff I needed that wasn't on sale anywhere else. After a few weeks of this couponing thing, that list of items should become significantly shorter - here's why...

2.) Like the GG website says, do "investing". Just because you don't need cream cheese this week, doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it - especially when you can get 2 for $1! Stock up - then when things aren't on sale and you need them - you already have them. (if can goods are on sale - buy the maximum - they are getting expensive and I got them for $.32 a piece + canned tomatoes for $.12 a piece)

3.) HEB closes at midnight - unlike the "small" error on my local website states of 1 am. Shopping at night is so stress-free (unless you have 15min left until the store closes) because there aren't many other customers there and your kids are asleep! WOO for mom's getting a break.

4.) MAKE SURE YOU GET THE IN-STORE COUPONS!! If you have a deal listed that has an in-store coupon - FIND that coupon in-store. Otherwise you end up buying things you thought you were getting FREE or for cheap. I know I could've saved a minimum of $10 additional dollars at HEB last night. But, they were closing, I was in a rush, and I missed some in-store coupons. DRATS!!

5.) Get the physical ads anyway you can - from a friend, the paper, the store, etc. Look at the ads. Double check the sales match up with your print-out of the sales. I planned to buy Oreos last night for $1.00 but I got to the store and they weren't on sale still. (an error of the site, but it's our responsibility to double check) Now I am without Oreos until I get to walmart again. I wasn't going to pay $3.99 at CVS and that was the last stop I made.

6.) Go to Walmart last. This way, anything I forgot, or thought was on sale but wasn't, I can pick up at WM with all the extras that I need this week that aren't on sale. Typically, Walmart is the cheapest place if it's not on sale somewhere else.

7.) And finally - Keep your coupon inserts! I wish I had my coupon inserts from weeks ago, but I don't. So, I am stock-piling now.

If you're new to couponing like I am, I hope you found these items helpful in your endeavor to save your family as much as you can. Now whatever you saved, put it in a savings account or toward debt!

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