February 23, 2011

What's for dinner: February 23, 2011

Tonight we had an easy meal. Not the most nutritious - you'll never hear me claim that! But, it was good, hearty, and filled my little families bellies with smiles and delight.

Allrecipes Salisbury Steak Recipe

I didn't make the sauce in the recipe. Instead, I simply used a packet of brown gravy mix (prepared) and the remainder of the can of french onion soup mixed together and poured over the steaks in the skillet.

I made this with mashed potatoes, peas, maccaroni and cheese, and croissants. This comforting meal was a delightful way to end our day.

Keep your family close and have dinner together at the table as many nights as possible. Ask each other about their day, what they're looking forward to, or get creative and talk about what you'd change your names to if you could. With my family of boys, they tend to end up at potty talk, "If I could change my brother's name, I would change it to poo-poo butt-face". Ahhh - the joys of boys! :) Have fun with dinner time!

Happy family talks!


  1. I do believe we will be having this for dinner tonight. :)