February 23, 2011

Update: My schedule

Remember I told you all that I created a schedule over the weekend in my GMail calendar? Well, this calendar is also linked to my calendar on my phone. I get reminders and emails to keep me on track all day. I'm so excited to tell you all that the schedule is working out beautifully! I still have some tweaking to do, but it's really keeping me on track and motivated. All I can think about all day is "If I get all this done, I get rewarded with relaxation this evening". And most days, I don't even remember what I've scheduled for when... I just look at the calendar and  it's all right there. No more deciding which is more important, which to get done first, or which I can do in this small amount of time and being late to things. Everything has it's own allotted time.

It's really a beautiful thing and I think, if you're always frazzled running from place to place like me, you should give it a try! All my minutes in a day are accounted for until after dinner - then it's MY time. This week has been a lot less stressful and I am so grateful for this simple way to organize myself. :)

Happy scheduling!

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