March 1, 2011

Nice things...

This post is a tad off topic from my usual blogs. I need to vent.

I feel like I can't have nice things. When we bought our house in March 2010, I ordered my husband and myself special Lolita glasses (before closing). I got a Texas martini glass, he got a beer pilsner. Very beautiful, special-to-me glasses. I presented them to him that evening when we had a few friends over to celebrate our new freedom (we were living with his parents for 9 months prior). That night, one of my kids broke my Texas glass. I was beyond sad and angry.

One reason we never buy very expensive things is we have kids - and it seems like they find a way to ruin everything! Now, those of you without kids: I'm not trying to discourage you from children. Just prepare you. Warn you, so to speak. If you're a top-notch discipliner or have an eagle eye on them every single moment of the day, then you've got nothing to worry about. Those of us with additional responsibilities realize it's almost impossible with small children to have anything worth being proud of owning. I mean, seriously! How many times have you moms thought (or said), "Son of a NUTcracker! Magic marker on my beautiful table?! Seriously?" or how about "GREAT! Another spill on the rug... from a SPILL-PROOF cup. How does this happen? Does it only happen to ME!?"

It doesn't, right? Can someone PLEASE reassure me that it doesn't just happen to me alone?

Today, my 2 yr old tried to break my coffee cup (SuperMom saved the day) and successfully started to hand me my wine glass ----- and then dropped and shattered it.

Just when I need wine the most! :-(

Happy non-nice things!

P.S. It was a special wine glass that someone gave me as a gift for hosting her bachelorette party and being a bridesmaid. It meant a lot to me.

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