September 8, 2011

Alumni Football Game

A few months ago one of Clark's friends on Facebook told him about Football Legends of Texas and that there was a guy putting on alumni rival games across our great state. We didn't pay much attention at first and thought it was spam. But as the time got closer we realized it was true and real and Clark had an opportunity to play football again. Clark was co-captain of our HS football team back in the day and played college ball for Prairie View A&M University. He was pretty excited to play again but, being a dude, he didn't let it show. Once we started to find out other friends who were signed up to play on our team and our rivals (lots of us are friends anyway), we both got excited. Another friend of our's decided it would be fun to get some "old" cheerleaders together, too. Ooohhhh we were on our way to reliving our glory days. Of course, you can't have a football game without a half-time show... duh!!! So, I had to. I got as many Rangerette (our hs drill team) alumni together as I could and we performed at half-time. It was a blast!! We all had a great time preparing and performing for one of the best nights of our lives since HS! The best part - we WON!!! We can't wait to do it again next year. Here are some pics.

Daddy, Harrison, and the Ranger

Ethan, Lance, and Chris

Jenna (cheerleader) and Justin White, Clark and Me

#9 is Clark

#9 Clark and his BFF #23 Heath

Clark, ready to kill some Mustangs!

Me and Candice (cheerleader)

Our Ranger Team

Me and My Sister, Stephanie

Me and My 'Rette Friend, Maira

Rangerette Alumni 2011 Team

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