September 15, 2011

Financial Blessings

Today I was thinking about how blessed I am financially. No, I'm not rich in ANY sense of the word, but I am grateful for the little things I do have.

I don't have the greatest wardrobe (as ANYONE who has seen me in person would know), I don't have lots of make up or jewelry, I don't impress when I walk into a room, I often have roots showing, and I have about 4 pairs of shoes I alternate between. I don't have the best car or the best phone or even the latest iPad. My kids wear hand-me-downs (thank God for those people who hand them down to us!) with a few new pieces mixed in every school year. They only get toys or gifts for their birthday or Christmas or from a school fundraiser (e.g. book fairs). We don't take extravagant trips to Mexico (we were fortunate enough to go last summer for a friend's wedding and it was AMAZING) or Fiji or even have a lake/river/bay house. We camp. And we like it. We don't dine out at expensive restaurants and our date nights are to the same sushi joint where we had our first date because we treat ourselves so sparingly.

This is what I carry around daily. HAHA

But the things I do have are that I am blessed to attend school full-time with almost no student loans (notice I said almost!). I get to be home with my children when they get off the bus. I get to volunteer for something that means a lot to me, the Fort Bend County Fair Queen Scholarship Contest. I get to be home to make my family a sensible dinner on most nights because I don't work a normal 8-5 job in the metro area and sit in traffic for over an hour. I get to be a supportive wife to my husband and watch him coach on Friday nights. And lastly, my husband is blessed that he makes enough money to support our family of five with his coaching job, which has been his dream since he was in 4th grade.

Yes, we could always use more money. Who couldn't? Who wouldn't??

I'd like to invite you all to think about your financial blessings. We can always wish we had more but as they say, "mo' money, mo' problems"! Be grateful for what YOU have. :)


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