September 13, 2011

Hermann Park Party

Oh goodness. Sunday was intense. If you ever have a party at Hermann Park in Houston, Texas, please be sure to include a "Bird's Eye View" from Google of the exact location you will be in and of where to park in the invitation.

The party was scheduled to start at 1pm. I got to the park for my baby niece's second birthday party at 1:15. I didn't arrive to the site of the party until 1:57. Yep, 45 minutes later. I wanted to pull my hair out, poke my eyes out, and light the car on fire. It. was. awful.

After driving around and around and around and around looking for a place to park that was kind of close to where we would be (wherever the hell that was), we decided "around" the zoo was our best bet. If you've never been to the Medical Center, Rice University, and Hermann Park are, thank your lucky stars. If you're from the "country" or, the Dirty Berg, as we call it, and you're not familiar with the area, leave yourself at LEAST 30 minutes to figure out what the heck you're doing once you get down there.

Can you believe, we were one of the first ones at the party?!?! Me neither!! Needless to say, the party didn't start until 2:15-2:30. Once we were all there and Happy the Clown was making the kiddos happy, it was a-okay! They played in the splash pad area, ate pizza, popped water balloons, blew bubbles, and had a great time! There is also a train you can ride around the park and paddle boats you can rent. It is really a cool little place that I've never experienced - and I've lived here my entire life! If you get a wild hair on a Sunday, take the kids down there. I'm positive you'll have a better experience. ;-)

Before it was time to pack up, my kids were SOAKING wet. I stripped the little one down to his underoos once we got to the car, but the big ones were only damp since it was a scorching, Texas summer day and we had a long walk.

The day turned out to be pretty fabulous and we all had a great time, sans hubby. Oh football season... how I hate to love you and love to hate you.

Have a great week everyone!

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