September 12, 2011

September 11, 2011

On this day ten years ago we, as a country, experienced great loss. Our World Trade Center in New York was taken down by terrorists who crashed planes through each tower, our Pentagon was struck by a plane overtaken by terrorists, and another plane was overtaken first by terrorists, then by the American passengers that fought to take back the plane, crashing it in a field in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost that day.

I've heard stories upon stories of people's experiences from that day and many of them make me cry. I watched the 9/11 coverage all through the week leading up to this tenth anniversary. One in particular is of Kevin Cosgrove who called into 911 complaining of being hot, not being able to see, and stating "we're not ready to die up here". He kept being told that they were getting to him as fast as they possibly could. He was so helpless. The rescue workers were helpless. The 911 operator was helpless. You hear him scream "Oh God, Oh..." Then, all of a sudden, the line goes dead as the tower crashes. This is one of the most heartbreaking stories because we have it on tape and can hear this man's final moments of desperation.

Watching and listening to more and more people talk about their experience that day gives me a renewed sense of motivation. Motivation to live life to the fullest. To take advantage of every single moment on Earth. It reminds me to never forget that God is just a prayer away and that our time could be ANY moment. It reminds me that the freedom I have to sit here and blog about my feelings of 9/11 is a freedom that my friends and family have fought for and that our military continues to fight for every day.

I hope you all remembered 9/11 and took at least a little time to pay our heroes the respect they deserve and pray for the ones that lost loved ones that horrible day.

In rememberance of 9/11, I'm starting my "Thanksgivings" a little early. Today, I am thankful for my family. They mean more to me than anything in the world and I am grateful to be blessed with so many that love me the same way.

In Jesus' name,


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