October 4, 2012

Get Happy Challenge: Day 17

I can't believe it's been 17 days already!! WOW!!!

So, today has started out a smidge rough. Nothing too bad that I can't turn around. I was SOOO tired trying to get up this morning! Ouch. Then, Harrison wanted to fight about pants and shirts and even shoes. Ay-ya-ya. I've noticed he really only does this on mornings when we are due to meet my in-laws... you know, the ones that are silently irate when we're late.

^^^^Yep, that's me!

So, then, we finally leave... and I realized I left my phone at home, so, I can't even call to let my MIL know I'm running late. Back to the house we go.

THEN, I realize, my gas light is on. Holy help us!!! We're never ever ever gonna get there.

Lo and behold, we finally made it. Luckily, my MIL was not angry with me! Whew!!! She said she had a good book she got to read and was actually kind of glad I was late. HAHA. Yes!!!!!!! Score one for me! :)

So, here I am... getting ready to head to my Sugar Cube for the day. My tip for today is going to be: realize that one small thing going wrong does not constitute a bad day. You can ALWAYS turn it around. It's your attitude that does the trick!

Also... you HAVE to, HAVE to, HAVE TO read this blog post. In Over Your Head A HILARIOUS and spot on article about not caring about things that don't matter!

Now... get out there and BE HAPPY!

*What is the Get Happy Challenge? It is a totally made-up challenge between me and one of my besties, Elizabeth, to motivate each other to get and be happier mommies by Christmas. Each day we will try our darndest to post a tip, goal and thought of the day, and each night we will post how our day was. We will share ideas and words of encouragement along the way as our Christmas gift to each other. Feel free to join our challenge. The more the merrier = HAPPIER!* Follow Elizabeth  HERE!

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