October 3, 2012

Get Happy Challenge: Day 16

Hey everyone! I haven't been here in quite a few days! But, the good news is it's because I'm feeling really good!

The last week and a half have been a little wild! Trying to work on my business Sugar Mama's Cookies and figure out all the ins and outs, hours to be open, days to be open, etc. Also, our county fair just blew into town. I LOVE THE FAIR! I have since I was little. My kids have been begging me to take them since it opened last Thursday. We finally took them last night and indulged in some fried oreos! HELLO!!! Delicioso!! And lastly, my grandpa who just turned 86 on Challenge Day 1, was sent to the hospital on Sunday after he fell out of his bed. He is diabetic and has had trouble controlling his sugar levels. Well, he was doing fine when we all left the hospital Sunday evening... and then Monday evening, my mom called us all to the hospital. I got to Christopher's JH open house, got the call, and turned right around and left. When I left about 11pm Monday he was stablized in ICU. I hope he's doing even better when I visit him today!

So, let me see if I can get us all caught up on what's been working for me.

First off: No Naps!!!! WOW! I had no idea just that small thing would make me feel so much better! I get up every single day between 6 and 7am, which is a huge accomplishment after this past summer. WHOA. I think feeling more accomplished is contributing to my happiness, too!

In addition, I'm trying to get more organized. When your space is cluttered, your head is cluttered. Just cleaning up my house makes my brain feel so much better. It's amazing!! Now, generally, my house is rather decluttered because we Spring clean pretty often. I hate junk. HATE!!! With a purple passion. Just walking in the garage right now gives me the itchies - you know where your shoulders come up to your ears and you just feel like clawing someone's eyes out! As soon as football is over... the garage is getting another makeover!

Luckily for me, this is not my home! 
Ok... so we're getting organized, drinking tea, waking up early, not taking naps.. what else is there?

Well, I have a bit of a secret .............................................................................................

I stopped taking my Lexapro. EEK! (And I haven't told my husband yet.) <<He also hasn't asked me, "When's the last time you took your medicine?" So, I guess I'm behaving. HAHA.

Yep, I haven't taken it since before we started this challenge. Partly because I can't afford it right now while my business is getting on it's feet. And partly because I just want to be myself again and be grateful for the life I have. Let me just tell you: I feel AMAZING!!! Bye, bye Lexapro!!!

I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot of anger built up inside of me about a lot of things. I think I need to talk to a therapist to help me work through this stuff, because the meds don't make me happy, just un-angry-ish.

Since quitting my medicine, I do catch myself getting a little agitated, but I make a conscious effort to see myself from the outside and put myself in check. The episodes usually last up to 30 seconds. Before I got on Lexapro, they could last for many many minutes... sometimes hours. Just pure anger flowing out of me. Now, I try to count to ten, hear what I just said, walk away from the person(s) or hang up with them, and really think about why I'm mad. Usually I can see that I'm just being a brat. Once in awhile, I truly believe I have a valid issue and note that I need to talk to the person about it in a calm manner so we can get on the same page. It's really working out so far!

Me when I'm angry! WATCH OUT!
For the next seven days, my goals are to:
1.) Figure out a good "open" schedule to keep for the cookie trailer.
2.) MAKE some time to work out at least 3 times. I know excercise makes me feel better!

Okay, friends. Off to your Wednesday! Mine's gonna be uber busy!

*What is the Get Happy Challenge? It is a totally made-up challenge between me and one of my besties, Elizabeth, to motivate each other to get and be happier mommies by Christmas. Each day we will try our darndest to post a tip, goal and thought of the day, and each night we will post how our day was. We will share ideas and words of encouragement along the way as our Christmas gift to each other. Feel free to join our challenge. The more the merrier = HAPPIER!* Follow Elizabeth  HERE!

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  1. Melissa I could not afford lexapro either, I asked the pharmist what was similar and she said celexa. I get the generic and it's $15 a month with our insurance. From personal experience people don't tell you. The people I loved most watched me spiral into a hot mess even though they promised to tell me. To me if I notice myself getting adjitated it's a sign I need my meds. That's me though. Just wanted to give u the info & let you know there is a cheaper option out there.
    Congrats on your business I think it's awesome.