December 23, 2012

We moved!

So, this year has been financially exhausting. In January, Clark and I decided to start two businesses. That's right, TWO!!!

We used credit to finance these businesses, as well. YIKES, right?! Ugh. And everyone knows, when you start a business, typically the first three years are a loss. I can't believe it's going to be this hard for three years. AYE YA YA!!!

Needless to say, we have been financially stretched to the LIMIT.

In addition, we've spent the last year and a half looking for a larger house for us and our three boys. We have yet to extinguish the idea of "just one more" kiddo and adding ANY other beings (human, k9, feline, aquatic, etc.) would literally bust us right out of our home! We've put our house on the market twice to no avail. Every time we find a house that we love, we remember we still have our house looming over us. We HAVE to sell it to be able to buy something else. So, when my grandfather passed away in October, my family got together and decided that it would be the best time to put our house on the market... AGAIN. Only this time, we would move into my grandpa's vacant home so we could put it on the market with nothing in it. It also makes it a lot easier to keep clean!

Therefore, we have moved! We're just on the other side of the neighborhood, so that's GREAT! And we're LITERALLY around the corner from my parents. Awesome, right? ;-)

I'm really excited to start this new chapter. Dave Ramsey always says (in his own words) that you have to be willing to make drastic, crazy-to-other-people choices to be able to get what you want! We're definitely doing it.

A few months ago, we traded in BOTH of our vehicles. I hated my minivan - NOT because it was a minivan, but I hated the one I had. I'm convinced it had a transmission problem that would've only gotten worse with time (it was a 2010 and had 16k miles when we bought it... I think it already had the problem when we bought it in December 2010, too). Anyway, not only did it have that issue, but it was losing value EVERY single day!! We were desperate to get rid of it. We owed a few thousand dollars on it still after we traded it in. Luckily, our truck was worth way more than we owed, so they virtually cancelled each other out and we got about $2500 back to go toward our "new to us" truck. Plus, we got a MUCH lower interest rate!

We had only one vehicle for 24 hours. Literally!!! HAHA. We ended up getting Clark a little truck that is big enough to take him to work and come home. It will eventually will go to my oldest son in a few years, Clark will get MY truck, and momma will get a "new to us" SUV. But that's probably three years from now.

ANYWHO------ we moved!

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