March 5, 2011


Ladies and gentleman! There is a WONDERFUL and easy way to use coupons at Kroger and Randall's (and other "savings card" stores that may be in your area) without having to do much work. Ecoupons! Here are some sites that load coupons directly to your store cards.

And of course, Kroger

With these sites, you can load coupons to your store cards and they automatically get used when you scan the card and purchase the items. If you don't AT LEAST use eCoupons, you're leaving money "on the table" so to speak. It's SO easy and worth the 60 seconds it takes. DO IT! Or I might have to label you an EPIC FAIL.

You can also print coupons, too. I love to print coupons because these are store coupons and I can stack them with manufacturer coupons! That's how I got my Excedrin the other day plus $.41 in MY POCKET!!!

Make sure you check each stores coupon policy. Walmart just updated their policy so be sure to check it out and make sure you print the policies and carry them with you to the store.

Happy coupon loading!

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