September 7, 2011

Me + Spray Paint = LOVE!!

Ahhhh spray paint. There should be a reality show about spray paint. And all the amazing things you can do with it. I was on Pinterest and found so many ideas I can do with spray paint. You can paint anything! Furniture, pillows, picture frames, old wine bottles, glass, jewelry, shoes, vegetable cans, counter tops, faucets, christmas balls, wooden letters, plastic yard furniture, rugs, plates, and anything else you can think of. LITERALLY! ANYTHING!

So, for my first project, I decided to try picture frames.

I got some of these frames from Walmart, but most of them came from the resale shop at 50 cents a piece. HECK YEAH!!!

This is what my frame looked like after I sprayed it a light champagne color. I wasn't thrilled with it so I decided on white lacquer. I LOVE IT!

After After
Yes, this is a different frame, but that's one of the resale shop finds. One of the best frames I have it turns out.

With a picture of the beach in Mexico
I also decided to rearrange all my frames. Here is the before.

I've got to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of my new arrangement either. NUTS! My poor wall is going to be filled with holes. I actually like the before better if it was pulled in a little tighter and more attention to where the frames and spread the colors around a little more. Hmmm. Maybe a combo of both arrangements. I have more frames to paint now, too, so we'll see how it looks with those first.

After I'm done with the gallery, I'm going to spray paint my hall sconces.

Can you tell they are a rubbed pewter look?? It really doesn't go with our "rustic, country" theme we have going on, so, I'm going to spray them an oil rubbed bronze. Wish me luck!

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