September 20, 2012

Get Happy Challenge Day 2 & 3: It isn't working.

So, my friend and I started a get happy challenge with each other.

Let me tell you, it has been MORE than challenging.

Day 2 wasn't SO bad, but it wasn't so great either. The first half was CHAOTIC, like most days of my life, because, let's face it, I'm a HUGE, discombobulated mess!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got my Sugar Mama's Cookie trailer permitted. It's only been in the works for FOUR months!!!!! But, I soon felt that wasn't good enough, as I usually do right after good things happen. We'll get more into that as the Challenge days go on. :) I also got my first round of lunches delivered for Live.Laugh.Lunch with the help of my good friend, Kayla! What a LIFE saver she was!!! It wasn't all I hoped it to be, that's for sure, but with a little tweaking, I think I can make it pretty awesome. The woman who did it last year did an AMAZING job! I hope I get better at it. :-\

Day 3 started out ROUGH. My kid lost my key FOB - because husband put it on the "table, or the counter, or the dresser, or on the outside table" and then proceeded to exclaim he was helping ME when I called to find out where he put it and it wasn't in any of those places. Uh, really?? If you would have just given it directly to me, we wouldn't be having this problem. Blech. Anyway. And then I also realized he still had the carseat from the night before, so he had to come home and give me that before I could take my youngest to his grandparents for the day - who, by the way, are silently IRATE when I'm late. Yay.

The afternoon was pretty grand! I took my middle one to the Dr. and then we got McD's and went home to watch tv and mommy took a nap! I had a heckuva time waking up. I haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights, so maybe I was catching up? IDK. Or maybe it's a side effect of being un-happy. Who knows?

Anywho, after that, we got all ready to go to Daddy's varsity football game tonight. "You're on the list for the rest of the year" he told me. Lies. All lies!!!! They wouldn't let us in. And no, before you ask, I'm not paying $5 a head to see my husband at WORK. Not gonna happen. So we came home and here we are.

I'm debating if I should just go to bed and start fresh tomorrow or what. I think that would be the best idea, honestly. Although, I could really use a funny movie and some sort of feel good snack. Hmmm. BRB.

So, I googled feel good foods. This is what I found.

  1. Wild salmon (rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin D)
  2. Spinach - (rich in folic acid and soluble fiber)
  3. Skim milk - (rich in Vitamin D and B12)
  4. Ground flaxseeds (rich in soluble fiber, omega 3 fats and folic acid)
  5. Blackberries (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)
  6. Omega 3 fortified eggs - (rich in omega 3 fats, Vitamin D and B12)
  7. Sardines ( rich in omega 3 fats and Vitamin D)
  8. Soybeans - (rich in soluble fiber, folic acid and omega 3 fats)
  9. Beans (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)
  10. Brussels sprouts (soluble fiber and folic acid)

Who wants to snack on brussel sprouts and wild salmon? I was thinking more along the lines of something chocolatey, like bon-bons (do they even make those anymore?) or ROLOS! Gosh, I love ROLOS! MMM.

Moving right along. Here are some things that made me giggle and pick my mood up!


 This one just makes me think positive! :)

That is all. Have a good evening and I will see you all in the morning!

*What is the Get Happy Challenge? It is a totally made-up challenge between me and one of my besties, Elizabeth, to motivate each other to get and be happier mommies by Christmas. Each day we will try our darndest to post a tip, goal and thought of the day, and each night we will post how our day was. We will share ideas and words of encouragement along the way as our Xmas gift to each other. Feel free to join our challenge. The more the merrier = HAPPIER!* Follow Elizabeth  HERE!

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  1. Well ended! As you know I have had the same but different crappy day so I think I will post about the same! Love you! Keep your head up. In the end you always have me LOL!!