September 21, 2012

Get Happy Challenge: Day 4

Okay, here it is Day 4! Last night, I went to bed in FULL ON "pity party for 1" mode! Maybe that's what I needed because today, I woke up at 6:30am to take my oldest to football practice and once I had my tea made, I realized I was in a pretty fabulous mood. I slept hard, once I finally went to sleep, and woke up on a mission!!

Today is Friday, so, that's already brownie points for the day, right!? I got home from dropping off the boy and started making cookies for my Live.Laugh.LUNCH! delivery today. Getting going early is nice, because then it helps alleviate some chaos and stress from later in the day. I might actually be on time to something today! WAHOO!!! :)

So, I started making cookies this morning and  my favorite morning show, GMA, came on with an update of Robin Roberts and her bone marrow transplant. WHOA!!!!!!! Just what I needed! Hello!!! I always preach, "don't feel sorry for yourself 'cuz someone else always has it worse", and her update is just what I need for a reality check!

In addition, I follow Prayers for Lane Goodwin on Facebook. He is a 13 yr old boy fighting alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma for the third time! That's just not even fair. It breaks my heart into a million pieces for this family. I had to google what exactly his type of cancer is and it looks as though it is a cancer of connective tissue. What? I didn't even know that was a cancer. And to think how horribly hard it must be to get rid of. Unlike many other cancers, you can't just lop it off and get some chemo and go on about your life (not that that is even remotely easy!), but he has it virtually all over his body. It can wrap itself around intestines! I can't even imagine.

Anyway, the point is, I need to take my own advice and realize I've got it SOOOOOOO good!!! I have three GORGEOUS sons who, alone, make life worth living HAPPILY. I also have TWO businesses!!! And a husband who has drive and determination and love for me. Not only do I have a great family at home, I have a great extended family and friends and an awesome church family I need to get back to! Let's face it. I need some Jesus in my life!!!

Seriously, the little hiccups in our day are just that. Take them with a grain of salt and realize it could always be worse!

Here's today's thought:

Have a terrific Friday everyone!

*What is the Get Happy Challenge? It is a totally made-up challenge between me and one of my besties, Elizabeth, to motivate each other to get and be happier mommies by Christmas. Each day we will try our darndest to post a tip, goal and thought of the day, and each night we will post how our day was. We will share ideas and words of encouragement along the way as our Christmas gift to each other. Feel free to join our challenge. The more the merrier = HAPPIER!* Follow Elizabeth  HERE!

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