December 28, 2012

Post Christmas Laziness

We didn't stop celebrating Christmas until December 27th, which was yesterday. Last night, I joined a couple girlfriends and we went to watch "This is 40", the new Judd Apatow movie. It's a sort-of sequel to "Knocked Up".

Pete and Debbie are turning 40. The movie navigates the ups and downs of marriage, life, money, and kids all while coping with the fact that they're turning the big 4.0!! I have to admit, though, it seems like we are already in the thick of it! It is a MUST see!!!! It's hilarious and entertaining. Highly recommended!

So, today, I went to run some errands and I met my Canadian friend for lunch/dinner... or linner, as we call it. We had some fajitas and I had a Dos XX at 3 in the afternoon; it was fabulous!

I suppose tomorrow I should get off my duff and do something... like, oh, say get my old house ready for the housing market?? Might be a good idea, don't ya think? I'm hoping that lots of people are ready to house hunt in the new year! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

In the meantime, we're enjoying our new spacious surroundings! We're also enjoying all the quality time together.

I hope you're all enjoying your break if you're family's life revolves around the school year! If not, it's okay. Trust me. They're already driving me NUTSO!!!!!!!! :)

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